The soundtrack of daily life in Aliana is a serene mix of songbirds, wind rustled leaves and children's laughter heard just down the block. That's how most like it here in this enclave of picturesque landscapes and quiet escapes from the world outside. However, those who aren't immune to that world's charms will also feel at home in Aliana.

"Handcrafted for living" means putting the best parts of life at your fingertips. From boutique shopping to minor league baseball in nearby Sugar Land, Tex-Mex to continental cuisine, fine arts to festivals, Fort Bend County has a little bit of everything for you to craft your ideal lifestyle. If you enjoy the outdoors, you may never want to leave Aliana at all. Tennis, swimming, fitness, even great places for a weekend bar-b-que or a formal reception are available at the community center.

Splashed with luxurious amenities, daily life at Aliana begins to feel more like a vacation resort than simply a community. After-work laps at the lap pool become the norm. Your book club is only supposed to meet once a week, but the Clubhouse is hard to resist. Perhaps you and your friends will take up a culinary class as well. Morning jogs start on the trail and finish on the treadmill. Parties begin in the reception hall and end on the patio.

Living in Aliana provides a daily connection with nature. Miles of hike trails, all landscaped with native flora, beautify the neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

Small streams within the community adorn the gorgeous parks. Even our signature entryway is designed to mark Aliana as a special place, yet becomes part of the landscape that hearkens back to a more naturally inspired, community-oriented time.

Like a tapestry, the landscape will grow to include small touches of stone walls naturally merging into the scenery offering gentle, rolling movement. All future plans of both plantings and walkways will be artfully woven into the environment.

Take time to reflect and value such sublime peace. Handcraft your life.