Crystal Lake Estates


Nearly a year was invested to find the ideal location that would offer sanctuary from life’s hectic pace, yet be in close proximity to the conveniences the discerning Buyer demands. With a combination of perseverance and a touch of luck, the ideal site was found on Bob White Lane.  It offers the “path less traveled” on a quiet cul-de-sac country road with a preferred address of beautiful homes.  

 Crystal Lake Estates is a boutique-style development that will remain unequaled by uniting the finest elements gleaned from developments around the globe.  To accomplish such a grand vision, a renowned team of experts was tasked with taking the existing palate that nature provided and then add a vast array of features that would please residents and visitors alike.  A simple drive through the community provides an immediate confirmation that the vision was achieved

A balance between symmetry in design and the desire for individuality was carefully realized in the concept of Crystal Lake Estates.  The intent was to create a “flow” that transcends individual homes, thus enabling the overall impression of community to exceed the sum of the individual parts.

To do so, architectural styles were chosen that complement each other, yet provides the Homeowner diversity from which to choose.  Classic French Country, a rustic, yet sophisticated, Austin Hill Country design and Craftsman, which is an eclectic design within the country genre will work exceedingly well together and add to the village look we are striving to achieve.

In addition to controlling the design, style and quality of the homes to be synergistic, we are expecting originality and “grand designs” regarding front yard landscaping, including pulling a portion to the road.   In doing so, exquisite homes superbly designed and complemented by creative soft and hard landscaping, will create a look and feel unlike that of any other community.